1) Use Common Sense:
Common Sense - Good sense and sound judgment in practical matters.
2) Be Respectful:
On Stonecrest, we want a big, happy community! With that being said, we do not want our players showing any signs of disrespect! This goes for players and staff members. Things such as harassment, snappy comments, or sexual content which can upset other players will result in punishment.
You may not do any of the following:
  • Cursing or name calling towards players or staff.
  • Rude comments about another player on the server.
  • Rude comments towards another player on the server.
  • Using homophobic or racial words towards other players on the server.
  • Argue with other people in any chat. (This includes private messages, discord, towny chat, etc.)
3) No Hacking or Exploiting:
Use of any single hacks, multiple hacks, hacked or modified client(s) will result in punishment. There is no hacking whatsoever on the server! Along with that, any exploits found in game should be reported so they can be fixed. If a player is found using an exploit, they will be punished.
4) No Griefing:
Stealing player's unclaimed items is completely legitimate. If it’s not locked by the owner, then it’s fair game; however, you may not grief or destroy bases, claimed or unclaimed. You may not break into a home to steal their items and then place the wall, etc. back. Anything found that was built or placed by a player cannot be griefed, and any homed or caged animals cannot be killed! If you want crops from a player’s farm, you may do so as long as you replant them. If you do not replant, you will be punished. Griefing must be reported to staff as soon as it is noticed.
5) No Spamming or Excessive Caps:
We do not want the chat flooded with spam or caps. These both are annoyances to players. If you continuously do these things, you will be punished.
6) No Advertising:
Advertising is strictly prohibited unless it relates back to the server. If there is a video on YouTube of the server, please share it on discord!
7) No Offensive Builds:
Don’t build anything which could cause offense to other players. These are things such as, but not limited to, inappropriate builds, drugs references, and inappropriate signs. If you are unsure about a build being offensive or not, just don’t build it.
8) No Inappropriate Skins or Names:
Player skins and names (including item names and nicknames) must not be offensive or inappropriate. If you are unsure about your name or skin, please ask a member of staff.
9) No AFK Machines:
AFK machines make the server unpleasant for everyone. No one should be able to bypass the 30 minutes AFK kick to farm items. This includes, but not limited to, using water to push your player, pistons, or using a software/auto clicker to log back into the game after you have been kicked for being AFK.
10) No Automatic Machines:
Automatic machines are things that don't require a player's interaction to gain resources. These are things such as, but not limited to; farms using Villagers, using pistons and observers, mob grinders, iron farms, automatic item sorting devices, or cactus farms that rely on any Minecraft item that immediately breaks cactus when it grows. If it requires a player to pull a lever, push a button, or at least hit, then that is considered semi-automatic and is acceptable. If you need guidance on whether your machine is classed as automatic, please ask a member of staff.
11) No Drama:
Drama casts a bad image and reputation on the server. If you are having an issue with someone, let a staff member know, or use the /ignore command! This includes, but not limited to; arguing in chat, commenting on another player if they receive punishment by staff, and arguing with staff’s decision. Don’t comment negatively on what someone may have said in chat if you didn’t like it.
12) No Camping Deathchests:
If a player dies from another player killing them, fall damage, a mob, etc. You are not allowed to sit at the player's deathchest and prevent them from retrieving their items if they do so peacefully.
13) No Nicknames that are Identical or Contain the Color Black:
Nicknames may NOT contain the color BLACK and must follow the rules. Two or more players cannot have the same exact nickname unless in different colors.
14) Do not ask for Perks:
We don't appreciate when players come on and ask for money, items, commands, or OP. If you need money, then you can sell items to players, sell items in the shop, OR get a job.
/warp market /warp shop /jobs browse
 You don't need to go around asking players for money. Alongside this, we are a SURVIVAL server, which means you must earn your own items and money!
15) Do not set Home at or Near Another Player’s Base:
Unless given permission by the home owner or town owner, you may not set home at or near another player’s base. Don’t think you can go off in the distance from a base and set a home just so you can get to it. You will be punished for doing either, without the permission of the owner allowing you to be there. This includes, but is not limited to; player farms, and mob grinders.
16) Do not Waste Staff’s Time:
Please do not waste Staff's time with false reports or claims. Please leave issues to Staff and do not involve yourself as it is a hindrance. If Staff isn't available, make a report on the discord - do not try to handle it yourself.
17) Do not Argue with Staff:
Do not argue in chat or on discord about a decision made by a staff member, to you or another player. Do not talk about a decision made by staff against another player in chat, during or after it happened. If you have a problem with a staff member’s decision, please contact staff privately about the concern.
18) Be Courteous when Cursing:
Cursing is allowed on the server with a few exceptions of some words. We do have a filter for a select few words. If you try to bypass our filter you will be punished. Cursing may be allowed; however, please try to limit your cursing and keep it to a minimum, and do not aim it maliciously at other players.
19) Keep Real World Issues off the Server:
Don't bring politicsdrugssocial issues, and anything real world into the chat. Political, Religious, and other social issues just start fights between players.
20) 1 Account Online at a Time, out of 2:
On Stonecrest, we allow players to have a total of two accounts. Whether it's a main and an alt, whether you play on both of them at random times, only 2 are allowed on the server! We do NOT allow them to be on the server at the same time though. With this privilege, if one account is banned, coming onto the server with your alt that is NOT banned is against the rules. If you are to do this, your punishment will be extended, and your alt account will get punished.
21) Keep 500 Blocks Between Towns:
You may not build within 500 blocks (approximately 31 chunks) from other player’s claimed towns without their consent. It’s unfair to build small bases or large bases around another player’s town because then it cannot be removed. If a player does build around your town, inform staff and they will be able to remove it.
22) You are Responsible for Anyone you give “Staff” Roles to in your Town:
If you give a player in your town the co-mayor role, builder, or any other town staff roles; the server staff will not undo anything that the player has done in your town. For example, if a co-mayor is to destroy blocks in the town or ruin the town, we are not responsible for any actions that the player did. It is 100% on you. This rule does not apply to role-less residents. If a role-less resident griefs public areas of the town, they will be punished.