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General topics related to the server
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Server Rules
9 months ago
by yummiesttag

Events & Parties
Sign up for events or parties and learn more here!
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Event Info
about 1 year ago
by Beefaroo

Towny related subjects
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Server Q&A
Ask questions about plugin or other things that you wish to learn about the server!
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Q&A Example Thread
about 1 year ago
by Beefaroo

Report players, bugs, and other problems here.
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Bug with /sh
8 months ago
by HumblePenguin

Staff Applications & Staff Related
Helper Applications
Apply for helper
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Youtube/Twitch Rank Applications
Apply to be a Youtuber or Twitch streamer for SafeHaven!
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Ban Appeals
If you were banned, you can appeal here!
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MoJo844 Ban Appeal
about 1 year ago
by MoJo844

Event Team Registration
Create a post and show some interest in helping with building the events for the server!
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Event Host Applications
Apply to host events on the server and discord!
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